Electronic Cigarette Mod Options

Electronic cigarettes are fantastic. They allow you to get your nicotine fix without worrying about the smoke and the fire. This makes them safer than traditional cigarettes in almost every way. While the studies are still being done on whether or not they’re completely healthy, breathing in water vapor is obviously healthier than breathing in harsh, gritty smoke.

However, if you’re new to the electronic cigarette scene, then you may not have any idea what you’re getting in to. You may have purchased a starter kit, hoping that would be enough. And for many people, it is sufficient. All you need to enjoy cool, sweet tasting vapor is a simple electronic cigarette and some excellent juice cartridges. When you have those things, you can enjoy your vaping. However, other people find that the basic starter kit simply isn’t enough for them.

There’s nothing wrong with that, not really. However, buying a new vaporizer can get a bit expensive. It can also feel a bit sad, especially if you’ve gotten attached to your basic e-cigarette. Luckily, there’s a way to deal with that. Many companies that make the best electronic cigarettes, like at http://www.bestecigsreviews.org, also make electronic cigarette mods. But what are those, and how useful are they?

What Are Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes may seem like a new technology, but they’ve been around since the 1960s. The first patent for an electronic cigarette was filed in 1965, and unlike many other technological devices, it was nearly the same as the modern design. It was a bit bulkier, and had an aesthetic involving steam and gears more than sleek, modern tech, but it was primarily built the same way and on the same principles.

Unfortunately, people of the time were less trustful of battery operated devices, and had not come to learn of the full dangers of traditional cigarettes. So the device didn’t take off until more recently. Still, the fact that the electronic cigarette technology is similar to the original invention means that it’s a reliable, trustworthy design.

That design is simple in concept. A small battery heats up the liquid, which creates vapor. That vapor is breathed in and acts as smoke would behave in a traditional cigarette. The juice cartridge is the liquid being heated, and it contains the nicotine and other flavors. If all you want is a mouth full of vapor, then a basic starter kit gives you that.

What Are Mods

Electronic cigarette mods are add-on devices that change the features of your electronic cigarette starter kit. Most starter kits only offer basic features. That is to say; it creates a small jolt of electricity that heats up the juice. This does cause some of the juice to evaporate, but not a great deal of the juice. What that means in practical terms is that a starter kit only allows a small puff of vapor. Decent enough for smoking, but not great regarding flavor or nicotine offerings. You can see more on e liquid and e juice brands if you want to get more involved with them, or you can just look at regular e cig reviews here: http://www.kidslivesmokefree.org/best-electronic-cigarette-reviews/.

A mod kit allows you to take your starter kit, and add on power. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the amount of energy that gets sent through the juice cartridge. Different modifications allow for different settings, and sometimes even different pulses. This permits the evaporation of the e-juice to happen at a different level, or at various intervals.

The resulting cloud of vapor can have some different variations. The flavor might be more potent, or there simply might be more vapor which could lead to a more satisfying breath. Some mods may even allow for the mixing of juice cartridges, which means you can make your own flavor adjustments without having to purchase pre-mixed juices. This can give you a greater amount of control over the amount of nicotine and the amount of flavor in each breath, as well as what kind of flavors you get to have!

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with just purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit and sticking with it. If all you want is a breath of vapor, a basic starter kit will give you that. But if you want some great electronic cigarette mod options, try checking some reviews. Youtube has plenty of them, as do websites that sell vaporizers.

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